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Turtle House - a emotional achitecture, art object, sculpture in the desert of sahara, red sea, egypt odered and supported by the owner of the city

designed by Star-Designer Josef Kurt Völtzke

"German Know How" connected with "Egyptian Building Methods".

aim: to create a international communication point for business, art & culture

Press text about the Turtle House:

"Interested in the work of the renowned German Designer Josef Kurt Völtzke,
the Egyptian investor and owner of El Gouna
(Red Sea), Samih Sawiris
had the Kid´s Fish House erected for his private town. At the same time the Designer was commissioned with the development of Turtle House.
Now Turtle House rises from the green
of the golf course like an artistic sculpture reminding of buildings by Hundertwasser or Gaudi.
That architecture is unique in the world and affects everyone´s feeling
who takes a look at it.
Inspired by regional and elementary architectural symbolism
(sand dunes of the desert, waves of the sea).
The Designer had an architectural jewel erected in only seven months.
Like on the outside, the interior of the house is predominated by bright natural stone. Coloured columns with ornate mosaics decorate the gallery and each stairway finishes off in an imaginative sculpture.
The Designer excels in: good ideas, pithiness & novelty."